Where to meet

We can meet in one of our showrooms (Tuscany or Campania). You can also receive further information about our periodically exhibitions in Naples, Rome and Florence (If interested in participating feel free to contact us).

Our Photography Philosophy

Creativity, sobriety and elegance are the key to our success. Our Italian traditional background makes us exclusive in portraying photographically your special day with a special blend of Reportage and Classicality.

Who will be our photographer?

Our Service is entirely “Homemade” from the shot to its post-production and printing. Our philosophy is to imprint in every Ceremony all the best of 60 years experience made of passion and hard work.

Dressing code

Since 1958 we think that in some occasions the form is as important as the essence.

What do we receive after the wedding day?

Usually, in addition to the photographic service our Clients may request a Folio Box, a Photobook or a Traditional Album. Without wishing in any way to detract from Photobooks, we prefer and suggest our Clients traditional solution since our photography is a better suited-job to this style.

Album and Folio Box

Traditionally, for our Album and Folio Box we relied on the best italian designer and artisan. Our aim to offer “the best of art” is every marked by the innovative design, fine leather and raw materials of our selected products.

Wedding Videography

Since 1958 our service includes Videography with the best of technology.


Usually our Clients schedule the Great Date about eight months before the Wedding. However, bookings one year before are usual.

Delivery time

Our work goes on during the months after your Wedding. Indeed, editing and an advanced post-production take place uniquely in our Family-Studio. That’s how we want to guarantee the highest quality service. For this reasons the delivery time is estimated in about 6 months.

Photo Service Shipping

We offer insured shippings everywhere in the world.

Destination Weddings

We are available for national and worldwide Wedding. If requested, we can reach your whished places everywhere. In this case travelling costs are up to clients.


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